Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Autism Waiver Meeting in Conway

Made it to the Autism Waiver Meeting in Conway. Very informative -State will be providing ABA style services via a medicaid waiver with the random selection of 100 kids from the list that apply. Then they will start a waiting list. Age range of those eligible is not set in stone but looking like birth through 10 being the age to apply. Waiver only lasts 3 years. Projecting services being in the field by January 2011 with the application process starting later this year. ABA is a fabulous program if is it a good fit for your family. Lots of research indicates major results from the intervention and programming for the child. I am excited to see this coming to our state and hopefully funding will only increase!

Title V meeting in Clarksville

OK - found the title V meeting in Clarksville last Thursday amidst the turning weather. It was a good session, lead by David Deere from Partners. All the major disability organizations in the state were listening. We had a good session where we put things on the board that we needed to improve the lives of our children. Don't know were the money or services would be coming from to fund some of these but they are out there.