Friday, May 29, 2009

Services available in Arkansas

I've talked to several people lately about the lack of services in Arkansas. Couple of things come to mine. First, ABA is hard to find in Arkansas. There are a few consultants in Little Rock and some school districts in NW Arkansas that use it - but not much anywhere else. Equestrian therapy is available in Little Rock, Sherwood, and Russellville - that I know of. Aqua therapy is in Little Rock only - at this time. Services in general seem to be focused in Little Rock mainly, some in Jonesboro, some in NW Arkansas, Conway, and a smaller pocket in Russellville. The further south and southeast you go in the state, the fewer things are available. There are also about 1000 people on the Waiver waiting list. I strongly recommend parents applying for a slot to participate in the Arkansas Govenor's DD Council. Here is the web site.

This training provides a great introduction to the services that are available in the state and also how to get them!

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