Friday, December 4, 2009

DAN! Doctor coming to Little Rock

January 16, 2010 9:00 AM

Easter Seals of Arkansas
3920 Woodland Heights Road
Little Rock , AR 72212

Dr. Callghan from Great Plains Laboratories will be presenting his seminar entitled "There Is Hope for Autism." It will cover how biochemistry, immune system issues and toxins affect our kids, and steps we can take to optimize their health. Cost of attending this seminar is $25 (if parents attend together they only have to pay once). We need a minimum of 25 paid registrants to cover Dr. Callaghan's travel fees and expenses. Dr. Callaghan will be returning sometime in February to conduct an outreach DAN (Defeat Autism Now) clinic for families that are interested. Details will be available at the seminar. Some of us spend a lot of money traveling out-of-state to consult with DAN physicians, so this outreach clinic that will be held right here in town is really a great opportunity for families. Contact the outreach clinic directly to register at (859) 261-4503.

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