Thursday, June 25, 2009

SCERTS training in Arkansas

*SCERTS Model-Barry Prizant-a two day implementation training, Sept 24-25 at the Airport Holiday Inn in Little Rock, $360 per person, lunch included, registration closes on Sept. 18. This training is designed to provide information and skills that allow for implementation of the SCERTS Model for children with ASD and related disabilities. SCERTS is a new innovative approach that offers a framework of specific goals and procedures for assessment and
educational programming. The Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support domains of the model directly address the core challenges faced by children with ASD and related disabilities. SCERTS is not exclusive of other approaches. It is flexible enough to incorporate practices from approaches and teaching strategies that have been proven effective with children with ASD. It is comprehensive and integrated, representing a new generation of
educational approaches and evidence based practice. SCERTS is applicable for children from early stages of communication through conversational abilities and from early intervention through the elementary years and beyond. It is a team model designed to encourage
professionals from different disciplines to collaborate with families. Families are included as partners in assessment and education efforts that cut across school, home and community settings. Progress is measured in everyday functional activities with a variety of partners,
recognizing the absolute necessity for supporting communication and social-emotional development in everyday activities and routines. For hotel reservations, call 501-490-1000 and ask for the AR LEARN rate of $88. Email questions to To
register, use the AR LEARN form under "helpful resources" on this page ( and FAX to Stephanie Eddy at 870-246-5892.

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